Comfort In The Changing

Today I am feeling inspired. The months are slowly dwindling down into the last few before I depart to live in a country many miles away from mine. I went for a run this morning and admired all the different homes surrounded by trees with golden leaves, and pots overflowing with greenery and flowers. Returning home I wanted to take care of the few plants I do have.


Change happens in every moment. When I wake up, every moment throughout the day I am making decisions for my well-being. My subconscious mind is scared of change, so much so that it has so well fooled me that tomorrow, next week, next month will be different. Truth is, in that place it hides, it grasps me and inscribes in my body that the discomfort is not worth it.


The only person who can make the change is me. All the external surrounds of things I read or hear are but offerings for my own drive. There is a switch in my mind to make my dreams into actual living and breathing things that exists in the world. Alike the plants on my balcony, if I wish for rain to water them, the plants undoubtedly die waiting for an external force that may never arrive.


May I be focused to work towards my goals and see the bloom into the world around me; to eat more healthy, to go for runs more regularly, to write and draw and post on this blog, to meditate and do yoga to build better self-esteem and respect for myself. Alike speaking words of love to water and seeing beautiful crystals form, I must too treat my mind and body in a way which creates an environment for growth, resilience and peace.



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