An Old Note To Self

Do not compare or compete – do accept wholeheartedly and be at peace and appreciate all that you are.
Do not be hasty to judge or assume the worst in people – there is good in everyone (especially on their bad days!). Always remember ‘sonder’.

Smile and treat people with unconditional kindness – those who are mean to you do not have a problem with you, rather with themselves.

Look at how very tiny we are in the observable universe – people are going through their flashes of consciousness, their human experience so quickly. Treat them with kindness, love and light!

Don’t ever forget how small you are in the universe – this is not to say you are insignificant, rather your ‘problems’ are.

Remember your connection to source.

You are everlasting energy.

Enjoy your human experience while you have it




I use to write a bunch in this plain black moleskine, and its age shows clearly in the tattered covered and crinkled pages. I wrote in it from the period of 2014 – 2016. I mused a lot on spirituality and story telling. I questioned myself about different philosophical and ethical topics, and wrote a lot of short story ideas. I hope to expand and share them on this blog.

This one in particular I found comforting reading back on. It reminded me of how I use to be, when I was in the midst of discovering myself spiritually and navigating the world. I felt very connected to the world and saw the good and truth in everyone. Things were so peaceful and conflicts were easy to overcome when I understood fundamentally that I and all around me was/is just energy in a conscious experience, ultimately destined to return to universe energy when the body decays.

Things were so very peachy and daisy. I know that self is still within me, of course, and is slowly coming to form again. I just need to make a habit of living from that place.Sketch

And yes, these pictures were taken from my couch with my blankie on! Its cold and I’m having a lazy day drinking coffee and watching The Simpsons. 😛

– Arlen Chantry


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